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There are only six hectares of vineyards in our Estate.

A small production, to concentrate our passion, commitment and love in a few thousand bottles.

We are maybe the smallest wine producer in our Montecarlo DOC area.
But we love to be it. We can carefully check every single step of the production process.

We do it in the vineyards, following the growing of grapes and having an handpicked harvest.

We do in the strict selection of grapes to their crushing.

We do it in the Cellar, from crushing to fermentation, till the bottling line.

The big grape selection, the handpicked harvest and the attentive vinification made in our small cellar are the keys to get the best characteristics, the richness and the complexity out of our white and red grape varietals.

Located at the foot of Montecarlo Hill, planted in its south-east hillside, in a sandy and clayey soil, our Vineyards are exposed to a constant insolation.

This is our only secret to reach color, structure, flavors and elegance for our wines.

This is our big pride: a small production where to cherish the best of our grapes.”

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